How to Take Amazing Yoga Photos for Instagram (2023)

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7 Yoga Photography Tips for an Amazing Yoga Photoshoot in 2023

7 Yoga photography tips: Take the best yoga photos!

1. How do I get the best yoga images for Instagram?

Book a yoga photo shoot with a professional yoga photographer! No need to worry about setting the timer on your iPhone and running back and forth to check if you captured the perfect selfie shot or not.

No more yoga selfies!  Don't be afraid. Breathe, make shapes, and let the photographer guide you through your session as they capture your beautiful shapes.

2. How do I get ready for my shoot?

Practice the yoga poses you picked for the photo shoot for a few weeks before the photo session.

Pro Tip: Try to hold your breath for a few seconds while holding your pose. This will help to maintain your pose while the photographer takes a few pictures.

3. What do I wear and bring to a yoga photoshoot?

Choose a couple of outfits (3-5) and props that reflect your personality. Bring water and snacks to keep hydrated and energized.

Pro Tip: Choose solid, neutral, or muted colors for your outfit. They blend well with any environment. Bright colors tend to reflect on the skin. Get creative and bring a dress and a pair of jeans.

4. What are the best yoga poses for photoshoot?

I recommend any pose that you are comfortable doing. Also, I encourage you to try out new and more difficult poses.

Favorite photogenic yoga poses:

• One-Legged Wheel Pose (Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana)

• Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

• King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

5. How do I get inspired for my yoga photoshoot ideas?

Follow and study other yogis that you love and inspire you on their social media yoga accounts. Save the images that you want to use into a collection for your yoga photoshoot ideas. Bring your list of yoga poses to assure your shoot goes smoothly.

6. Should I bring someone to my yoga shoot?

Yes! Definitely bring a yoga friend to your photo session for support. I do offer a discount if they decide they want to shoot with you.

Bonus: They can help with any props and yoga poses.

7. How do I get my new yoga photos to look good on social media?

Ask your photographer to size and format them for social media posts.

Instagram Size & Dimensions

Horizontal Posts (16:9) - 1080px Minimum 
Vertical Posts (4:5) - 1080px X 1350px
Square Posts (1:1) - 1080px X 1080px
Instagram Stories (9:16) - 1080px X 1920px

Personally, I use 3000px instead of 1080px for my clients. It’s convenient to have one set of images that you can use on any platform and send to get printed and framed. However, I do keep Instagram Story Posts at 1080x1920.

Pro Tip: Be sure there is enough space around portrait shots to accommodate Instagram's crop.

Kendra Cherise Miller & her beautiful urban yoga lines in Downtown Denver.Kendra Miller's Beautiful Yoga Lines in Downtown DenverYoga girl Kendra Cherise Miller exploring beautiful shapes & lines in the urban terrain of Downtown Denver. Kendra Cherise Miller getting beautifully bendy with her urban yoga poses in downtown Denver.Kendra Miller Getting Beautifully Bendy in Downtown DenverKendra Cherise Miller getting beautifully bendy at our urban yoga photography shoot in Downtown Denver.

Back Bend in the MountainsBack Bend in the MountainsMatching the shapes of the landscape. Yoga photography adventure in the mountainsShapes & adventure in the mountains

Why do you take yoga photos?

Photographing yoga shapes in Colorado is always breathtaking and surreal. Now creating art, while seeing nature's art form right before your eyes is a mind-blowing and jaw-dropping experience!

Oftentimes changing and out of our control. This adds to the excitement and unique photographs we create. Remember we can do a yoga photo anywhere.

As you can see, this goes beyond having captivating photos of you when we do a yoga portrait shoot. This is a special and ethereal experience that will forever be a part of you.

I'm blessed with the opportunity to capture my love for the mountains, beautiful shapes, and elegant movements. I put my soul into this type of photography to create memories and give you something beautiful to frame and hang on your wall. Of course, let's not forget that you can share these inspiring photos with all your friends and family on social media.

One of the best yoga poses to photographBlack and White Yoga PoseSymmetrical yoga poses are nice.

How do I set up a yoga photo shoot with you?

Feel free to contact me to set up your outdoor yoga portrait session. Have fun with your yoga poses, while I create photographs that look like they are right out of a Yoga Journal magazine, or Lululemon and Alo Yoga catalog.

Heck! You can make this super fun by bringing along your yoga friends.

Acroyoga sounds good to me! Got silks? Let's do Aerial Yoga & Dance too! Dreaming of Yoga in the mountains? How about beautiful shapes on a Colorado mountaintop?

Special group yoga photography pricing is available to the yoga community. Perfect for yoga teachers and yoga students! The more the merrier!

Yoga Event on the RooftopYoga Event on the RooftopRooftop yoga with Sound Off yoga.

Do you photograph yoga studio classes or yoga events?

Yes! Want professional yoga photography of your yoga classes, yoga retreats, or special yoga events? After Yoga on the Rocks or Yoga Rocks the Park would be awesome and extraordinarily fun!

Contact me for yoga studio and event rates for fresh and breathtaking content for your social media, blog, and website.

Colorado Yoga Girl & Model Laura Kantwerk wearing Mika Yoga Pants | Denver Yoga PhotographerColorado Yoga Girl - Mika Yoga Pants (Denver Yoga Photographer)A radiant yoga girl & model in her Mika Yoga pants. Add a pantone ultra violet colored Colorado sunset & bam! Ultra vivid beauty! Beautiful yoga images of yoga girl doing standing bow pose | Denver Yoga PhotographerYogi Girl in Standing Bow Pose - Denver Yoga PhotographerBeautiful yoga photography on the stunning Colorado landscape. Book a yoga portrait shoot with me & let's create something beautiful! Denver Yoga Photography of this Sunny Yoga Girl Laura Kantwerk Modeling Mika Yoga Wear | Denver Fitness PhotographersDenver Yoga Photography of this Sunny Yoga GirlCount on this warm ray of sunshine to put a smile on your face! This fun yoga girl is rockin' Mika Yoga Wear for this yoga photo shoot in Denver, Colorado. Denver Yoga Photography of beautiful yoga girl & model Amanda Pierce. Yoga girls with tattoos.Illuminating Denver Yoga Photography | Mika Yoga WearA breathtaking, magical & powerful capture of this tattooed yoga girl in her Mika Yoga Wear. A fun & beautiful yoga photography shoot!

See more of my yoga photography style

Please take a look at my list of beautiful yoga images I feel best represent my work and see if my style is right for you.


Mala beads and Anjali MudraNamaste - Anjali MudraBlack and white photos of yoga girl holding mala beads with anjali mudra.

Editor's Note: Originally published January 17, 2018, updated January 01, 2023.


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