Fitness boudoir photos of Colorado fitness model, Rachel Pressler in her sexy red lingerie.Denver Outdoor Boudoir PhotographyBeautifully captured outdoor boudoir photos in the Colorado wilderness.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography Specials in 2024

Boudoir in the Wild! (10% Off)

You deserve to acknowledge your incredible effort in sculpting your beautiful body. Colorado's stunning landscape provides the perfect backdrop to capture your elegant muscles and mesmerizing yoga poses. Treat yourself to authentic and striking fitness boudoir photos that celebrate your hard work.

For those who love fitness, yoga, aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, or dance, this is a fantastic chance to explore your interests with a dash of spice!

What Is Outdoor Boudoir Photography?

Outdoor boudoir photography captures the essence of boudoir – intimate and sensual imagery – but with a twist! Unlike traditional boudoir, which takes place in a bedroom or studio setting, outdoor boudoir utilizes natural landscapes and light. This results in a unique aesthetic that blends elements of nature and adventure into each photo, creating an unforgettable experience that is both alluring and primal.

How about turning up the heat with a bit of lace or silk?

Get ready for your outdoor boudoir photography session by swapping your fitness and yoga wear for something sexier, like silk or lacy lingerie.

Location, Location, Location!

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Colorado at a location of your choice. Revel in the stunning landscape, majestic mountaintops, panoramic rooftops, mesmerizing sand dunes, or vibrant cityscape.

Empower Yourself

These photos are about you. Choose your colorful destination! Choose your adventure! Get crazy!

Do boudoir in the wild!


Boudoir Packages

2 Hour Session - $1,100 $880 (Share a Session $500 each)

  • Up to 2-Hour Shoot Time*
  • 20 edited photos with Goddess Retouching + Black & White Images
  • 1 - 2 locations in Denver & surrounding areas. (Location or studio fee not included.)
  • 4 - 5 Outfits to give you more imaginative options
  • Option to share session with a friend
  • Private Online Gallery

1 Hour Session - $750 $600

  • Up to 1-Hour Shoot Time*
  • 5 edited photos with Goddess Retouching + Black & White Images
  • 1 location in Denver & surrounding areas. (Location or studio fee not included.)
  • 2 - 3 Outfits
  • Private Online Gallery

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"Tony is a very professional photographer, with an amazing eye for capturing the beauty in his work! We’ve done a couple Boudoir shoots and he’s amazing to work with. Very comfortable and professional, feels natural! I 1000% recommend Tony Ciccone for any and all photography work that you need!!"  Sam G. - Model, Denver


A Few Outdoor Boudoir Ideas

Get inspired by these stunning outdoor boudoir photography examples captured during previous photo shoots.

  1. The Girl with the Alien Tattoo: A Journey of Empowerment Through Boudoir
  2. Sensual Wilderness: Colorado Outdoor Boudoir Session

FAQ: How To Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot in the Mountains

1. What should I wear for a boudoir photo shoot in the mountains?

For a boudoir photo shoot in the mountains, choosing clothing that complements the natural surroundings while making you feel confident and comfortable is essential. Opt for soft, form-fitting lingerie or flowing fabrics like lace or silk that can capture the ethereal beauty of the mountains. Earthy tones and pastel colors blend seamlessly with the outdoor backdrop. Bring black lingerie for a more edgy and contrasting look in nature. Layers and textures can add depth to your images, creating a visually stunning contrast against the rugged landscape.

2. How can I prepare for a boudoir photo shoot in a mountainous environment?

Preparing for a boudoir photo shoot in the mountains involves careful planning to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Start by researching the specific location to understand the terrain and climate. Pack essentials such as comfortable shoes for walking or hiking on uneven surfaces, and consider bringing props that complement the natural setting, like a cozy blanket or rustic chair. Additionally, communicate with your photographer beforehand to discuss ideas, preferences, and any specific poses you may have in mind.

3. What time of day is ideal for a boudoir photo shoot in the mountains?

The ideal time for a boudoir photo shoot in the mountains is during the golden hours, which occur shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The soft, warm light during these times adds a magical and flattering glow to your images, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, planning your shoot during these hours allows for more comfortable temperatures. It avoids the harsh midday sun, ensuring a pleasant experience in the mountainous environment.

4. What privacy considerations should I consider for a mountain boudoir photo shoot?

Privacy is crucial to any boudoir session, especially in mountainous environments where public access may vary. When planning your session, choose a secluded spot away from popular trails or viewpoints to ensure a private and intimate experience. Consider scheduling your shoot when the location is less frequented. Additionally, be mindful of local regulations and obtain necessary permits to avoid unexpected interruptions. Also, expect the unexpected and anticipate a few passerbyes.

5. What props should you bring to an outdoor boudoir photoshoot?

Choosing the right props can add creativity and personalization to your outdoor boudoir session. Remember to make this fun and select props that enhance the overall story you want to tell. Here are some props you can incorporate into your next boudoir shoot:

Blankets or Throws:

Soft blankets or throws can be used to create cozy and intimate settings. Choose textures and colors that complement your outfit and the natural surroundings.


Decorative pillows or cushions can provide a comfortable and stylish element to your photos. Use them to add a touch of luxury or to create exciting compositions.

Hats and Accessories:

Hats, scarves, or other accessories can add a sense of mystery or playfulness to your photos. Experiment with different styles to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Flowers or Floral Arrangements:

Incorporating flowers into your photos can add a soft and romantic feel. Consider a bouquet, flower crown, or scattered petals for a touch of natural beauty.

Vintage or Meaningful Items:

For meaningful and one-of-a-kind photos, bring personal items with sentimental value, such as heirlooms, vintage props, or items that represent a special memory.

Candles or Lanterns:

If your photoshoot extends into the evening, candles or lanterns can create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Ensure safety by placing them on stable surfaces.

Books or Journals:

Incorporate books or journals that hold significance to you. They can be used as props or accessories, adding a touch of personality and depth to your images.

Sunglasses or Hats:

Playful accessories like sunglasses or stylish hats can bring a contemporary and fashionable vibe to your outdoor boudoir photos.

Balloons or Bubble Props:

For a fun and whimsical touch, consider bringing balloons or bubble wands. They can add an element of playfulness and create visually interesting scenes.

Note: Always communicate with your photographer about your vision and ideas for the photoshoot. They can guide how to incorporate props effectively and capture the desired atmosphere. Additionally, ensure that the chosen props harmonize with the outdoor environment and adhere to location-specific regulations.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Cash, credit cards, and PayPal accepted.
  2. Payment: (1) Portrait sessions require a 50% non-refundable reservation deposit at the time of booking. Balance is due before the event or session. (2) Payment in full before the event or session at the time of booking.
  3. Cancellation Policy: The 50% reservation deposit or 50% of the total payment will be a cancellation fee.
  4. Booking a session: You have up to 3 months after the purchase date to reserve a time/day for the photo shoot. The session will be at an agreed-upon location.
  5. Rescheduling: You may reschedule within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot. The deposit/cancellation fee may be used toward a rescheduled photo shoot.
  6. Location fee will be applied to your package if the facility, gym, studio, or outdoor location has a cost associated with its use or entrance. Typical Studio Fee: $55-$150. Some Outdoor Locations require permits, and you will be informed of any of these ahead of time.
  7. Image Usage: Images may be used on websites and social media for personal marketing purposes and to share online. Photographer retains copyright and reserves the right to use the images and/or reproductions for display, publication, commercial use, or other purposes.
  8. Commercial Use: You will need prior permission to print in any publication, sub-license, resell, or rent, send to any 3rd party for publishing online or printing, or use for any other commercial purposes.
  9. Pricing applies to non-commercial portrait sessions.
  10. All sales are final: All payments are final and non-refundable.


*Pricing for Denver & surrounding areas. Traveling fees apply outside of the area.

+Prices good through 06-30-2024.

Thank you for your business, and looking forward to your sexy boudoir photo shoot!