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My Top 20 Yoga Pics for 2021

These yoga images are chosen because the photo shoots had a magical and profound impact on the yoga model and me. Also, we simply had fun at these shoots!

Brittany Wilcox

Brittany is a tattooed yogi and teaches aerial silks and has legs for days!

#1 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #2 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Kendra Miller

This pineapple eating machine really loves pineapple and making shapes anywhere she can!

#3 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #3 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Mindful Jess

These beautiful lines were for the Body Mantra fashion show on body positivity. Read more about Mindful Jess and our yoga photo shoots on my blog.
#5 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #6 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Toni Yogi

She came out from the east coast to make shapes on the mountains and run down them in the rain! Best experience of her life!

#7 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #8 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Kendra Miller

Walking up and down RiNo Art District making yoga shapes everywhere at the drop of a dime.

#9 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #10 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Kendra Miller

This yoga shoot did not goes as planned. There was a big rain storm. We shot in the rain anyway and had good clean fun!
#11 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #12 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Kendra Miller

What a good sport she was getting flexy and bendy in the city!

#13 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #14 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Toni Yoga

Playing in the water on her last summer day in Colorado.

#15 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #16 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

Mindful Jess

Playing with shapes in her Spiritual Playground. She does a really nice Shiva pose!

#17 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #18 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 - Shiva PoseShiva Pose

Laura Kantwerk

Colorado yogi playing on the mountain trails and making pretty shapes.

#19 Top Yoga Photo for 2021 #20 Top Yoga Photo for 2021

]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) Sat, 08 Feb 2020 04:57:31 GMT
Caitlin's Fitness & Lifestyle Photo Shoot | Denver RiNo Art District Who is Caitlin Logue?

Caitlin is a gorgeous NPC Bikini Competitor and fitness coach.  She is extremely fit and definitely a fitness inspiration!  She motivates people through her instagram posts and stories by sharing healthy food recipes, life experiences and overall fitness motivation!

I'd like to do a fitness and lifestyle shoot!

Absolutely!  She came to me wanting some fitness and lifestyle photos prior to hitting the stage.  The ideas was to have traditional gym photos and lifestyle photos in an urban setting.

"Hi there!  I love your work and would like to schedule a photo shoot...I'd like to do a fitness
and lifestyle shoot.  One scene in the gym and other outdoors."

We settled on doing the photo shoot in Denver's vibrant RiNo Art District.  We could of shot there all day!  So many colorful places to shoot in her BoHo and Lululemon outfits.  She did an amazing job at striking those poses.  Each pose accentuated her well muscled and defined physique.

Rocking that stage at the NPC Mile High Showdown

Caitlin rocked the NPC Mile High Showdown and placed second in her class.  I am happy that all her hard work and determination really paid off.  I wish her the best in her fitness journey!

"So grateful for the opportunity to compete at the 2018 Mile High Showdown. I placed 2nd in
Open Class E and 2nd in Novice Class C. I’m super happy with the physique that I brought
to the stage. A huge congratulations to each and every competitor who competed yesterday.
I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from the judges and wow!"

These photos represent a different part of me

Each of these photos represents a different part of me and it’s so neat to see those aspects of my life captured in a visual aesthetic.  I have spent too much of my life feeling insecure and afraid of failure until the day I decided to become the author of my own life.  From that moment, everything changed. In a way, I see that change in these photos and so if you are reading this, my message to you is to own your life.  There’s never a time better than the present to become who you want to be. - Caitlin Logue

Check out the photos!

Visit the links below to see her posted fitness and lifestyle photos too!

BoHo Lifestyle Photo 1 | BoHo Lifestyle Photo 2 | Fitness Lifestyle Photo 1 | Fitness Lifestyle Photo 2 | Gym Fitness Photo


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Yoga Lifestyle Shoot with Mindful Jess | Shapes in Her Space { "@context": "", "@type": "BlogPosting", "mainEntityOfPage": { "@type": "WebPage", "@id": "" }, "headline": "Yoga Lifestyle Photoshoot with Mindful Jess", "description": "Yoga photo shoot with yoga model Mindful Jess & her journey to body positivity & wellness.", "image": [ "", "" ], "author": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Tony Ciccone" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Tony Ciccone Photography", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "" } }, "datePublished": "2018-10-19", "dateModified": "2020-05-29" }

Updated: May 29, 2020

Making Shapes with Mindful Jess

This post is about truly showing that you can play anywhere at any age. This Denver yoga teacher and practitioner does it elegantly as she accentuates each feminine line on her slender and fit body. Her beautiful yoga shapes are mesmerizing and her flow captivating. The stories she tell are inspiring and beautifully profound.

Sparkly Face Mask Photo Shoot

2020 started off amazing! Then people did the broomstick challenge and opened a gateway to an alternate universe. Anyway, I asked Jess if she would help me document social distancing and face mask life during this coronavirus pandemic.

I was a photojournalist many years ago. Thought I would capture this crazy time of covid-19 with a focus on artists and athletes and how they are expressing themselves. I'm absolutely glad she got to go out and express herself through her bendy and energetic movement.

Yoga Girl Mindful Jess & Covid-19 Mask Life 2020 Photo Shoot Mindful Jess standing in front of Dickinson Plaza in Denver for her Covid-19 Mask Life 2020 Photo Shoot Yoga Girl Mindful Jess doing splits at her Covid-19 Mask Life 2020 Photo ShootYoga Girl Mindful Jess doing splits at her Covid-19 Mask Life 2020 Photo ShootDocumenting coronavirus covid-19 mask life with Mindful Jess doing splits in Denver. Entering this one into the time line. Yoga Girl Mindful Jess doing contortion at her Covid-19 Mask Life 2020 Photo Shoot

Body Mantra. Live your Magic.

Jessica reached out to me to help her with a new project called Body Mantra by Christina Marie's Mantra. Which will be at NATIV Lounge & Hotel on February 1, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. She loves the way I capture the expression of body movement. And what a perfect way to start off the New Year by capturing her freedom of expression. She made my top 20 yoga pics for 2020!

Take a look at the beautiful golden magic we created.

Mindful Jess Nude Yoga Girl  in Gold Body Paint | Body Mantra Yoga Shoot | Puppy Pose aka @mindful_jessMindful Jess in Gold | Nude Yoga GirlMindful Jess in her beautifully gold-painted persona doing an elegant puppy pose. Fun nude yoga shoot for Body Mantra event at NATIV Lounge & Hotel in Denver. Mindful Jess Nude Yoga Fish Pose | Yoga Photography of Nude Yoga Girl in Gold Body PaintMindful Jess in Gold | Body Mantra Yoga ShootMindful Jess in gold body paint with her many amazing nude yoga poses. Fun time shooting for her Body Mantra event at NATIV Lounge & Hotel in Denver.

Yoga in her Spiritual Playground

We shot this yoga lifestyle photo session in her spiritual and creative space in Downtown Denver. Her Denver studio in LoHi has several natural light spaces to work in. Actually, her entire space is illuminated with beautifully soft natural light. This session shows how we incorporated natural light to bring out her soft, sensual and powerful goddess form. Speaking of form. She was an elite gymnast and it really shows in her graceful form and movements.

" I truly believe every person has a light inside of them and love that is burning
in their hearts. Yoga can help to facilitate or brighten that light and soften your
heart so you are filled with love and compassion." - Mindful Jess

Yoga Photo Shoot with Fitness & Yoga Model Mindful Jess | Denver Yoga Photographer with Jessica BransonMindful Jess Yoga Shoot | Denver Yoga PhotographerA portrait of the amazing Mindful Jess. She created beautiful shapes in her creative space. I photographed her many elegant yoga poses in her spacious studio during this yoga lifestyle photo shoot. Jessica-Branson-Yoga-Shoot-8Jessica-Branson-Yoga-Shoot-8

Jessica-Branson-Yoga-Shoot-153Jessica-Branson-Yoga-Shoot-153 Jessica Branson Yoga Shoot Doing Shiva PoseJessica-Branson-Yoga-Shoot-113Shiva pose

She's Inspiring

Jessica is a strong, magical and inspiring woman. I am truly looking forward to being her yoga photographer again and capturing more of her magical yoga shapes!

Please enjoy our photos of her yoga modeling in the Beauty & Glamour and Yoga Photography galleries. Also, go follow her journey on Instagram.

Editor's Note: Originally published October 19, 2018, updated May 29 2020.


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How to Take Amazing Yoga Photos for Instagram

Updated January 01, 2021

Take the best yoga photos

How do I get the best yoga images for Instagram in 2021?

Book a yoga photo shoot with me! No need to worry about setting the timer on your iPhone and running back and forth to check if you captured the perfect selfie shot or not.

No more yoga selfies!  Don't be afraid. Breathe, make shapes, and I’ll guide you through your session while maintaining social distancing.

Kendra Cherise Miller & her beautiful urban yoga lines in Downtown Denver.Kendra Miller's Beautiful Yoga Lines in Downtown DenverYoga girl Kendra Cherise Miller exploring beautiful shapes & lines in the urban terrain of Downtown Denver. Kendra Cherise Miller getting beautifully bendy with her urban yoga poses in downtown Denver.Kendra Miller Getting Beautifully Bendy in Downtown DenverKendra Cherise Miller getting beautifully bendy at our urban yoga photography shoot in Downtown Denver.

5 Expert Tips to Prepare for an Amazing Yoga Photoshoot

1. How do I get ready for my shoot?

Practice the yoga poses you pick for the photo shoot a few weeks before the photo session. Try to hold your breath for a few seconds while holding your pose.

2. What do I bring to the yoga shoot?

Choose a couple of outfits and props that reflect your personality. Bring water and snacks to keep hydrated and energized.

3. Do you recommend any yoga poses for the photo shoot?

I recommend any pose that you are comfortable doing. Also, I encourage you to try out new and more difficult poses.

4. How do I get inspired for my yoga shoot?

Follow and study other yogis that you love and inspire you on their social media accounts. Save the images that you want to use into a collection for the photo shoot.

5. Can I bring a someone to my private shoot?

Yes! You may bring a yoga pal to the shoot for support and help with the yoga poses. I do offer a discount if they decide they want to shoot with you.

Back Bend in the MountainsBack Bend in the MountainsMatching the shapes of the landscape. Yoga photography adventure in the mountainsShapes & adventure in the mountains

Why do you take yoga photos?

Photographing yoga shapes in Colorado is always breathtaking and surreal.  Now creating art, while seeing natures art form right before your eyes is a mind-blowing and jaw dropping experience!

Oftentimes changing and out of our control. This adds to the excitement and unique photographs we create. Remember we can do a yoga photo anywhere.

As you can see, this goes beyond having captivating photos of you when we do a yoga portrait shoot. This is a special and ethereal experience that will forever be a part of you. 

I'm blessed with the opportunity to capture my love for the mountains, beautiful shapes and elegant movements. I put my soul into this type of photography to create memories and give you something beautiful to frame and hang on your wall. Of course, let's not forget that you can share these inspiring photos with all your friends and family on social media.

One of the best yoga poses to photographBlack and White Yoga PoseSymmetrical yoga poses are nice.

How do I set up a yoga photo shoot with you?

Feel free to contact me to setup your outdoor yoga portrait session. Have fun with your yoga poses, while I create photographs that look like they are right out of a Yoga Journal magazine, or Lululemon and Alo Yoga catalog.

Heck! You can make this super fun by bringing along your yoga friends.

Acroyoga sounds good to me! Got silks? Let's do Aerial Yoga & Dance too! Dreaming of Yoga on the mountains? How about beautiful shapes on a Colorado mountaintop?

Special group yoga photography pricing is available to the yoga community. Perfect for yoga teachers and yoga students! The more the merrier!

Yoga Event on the RooftopYoga Event on the RooftopRooftop yoga with Sound Off yoga.

Do you photograph yoga studio classes or yoga events?

Yes! Want professional yoga photography of your yoga classes, yoga retreat or special yoga events? After Yoga on the Rocks 2021 or Yoga Rocks the Park would be awesome and extraordinarily fun!

Contact me for yoga studio and event rates for fresh and breathtaking content for your social media, blog and website.

Colorado Yoga Girl & Model Laura Kantwerk wearing Mika Yoga Pants | Denver Yoga PhotographerColorado Yoga Girl | Mika Yoga Pants | Denver Yoga PhotographerA radiant yoga girl & model in her Mika Yoga pants. Add a pantone ultra violet colored Colorado sunset & bam! Ultra vivid beauty! Beautiful yoga images of yoga girl doing standing bow pose | Denver Yoga PhotographerYogi Girl in Standing Bow Pose | Denver Yoga PhotographerBeautiful yoga photography on the stunning Colorado landscape. Book a yoga portrait shoot with me & let's create something beautiful! Denver Yoga Photography of this Sunny Yoga Girl Laura Kantwerk Modeling Mika Yoga Wear | Denver Fitness PhotographersDenver Yoga Photography of this Sunny Yoga GirlCount on this warm ray of sunshine to put a smile on your face! This fun yoga girl is rockin' Mika Yoga Wear for this yoga photo shoot in Denver, Colorado. Denver Yoga Photography of beautiful yoga girl & model Amanda Pierce. Yoga girls with tattoos.Illuminating Denver Yoga Photography | Mika Yoga WearA breathtaking, magical & powerful capture of this tattooed yoga girl in her Mika Yoga Wear. A fun & beautiful yoga photography shoot!

Top 25 Inspiring & Beautiful Yoga Pics

These are the top inspiring yoga images on my site. Please check out my new list of yoga pics for 2021!

Yoga Photo 1 | Yoga Photo 2 | Yoga Photo 3 | Yoga Photo 4Yoga Photo 5 | Yoga Photo 6 | Yoga Photo 7 | Yoga Photo 8Yoga Photo 9 | Yoga Photo 10 | Yoga Photo 11 | Yoga Photo 12Yoga Photo 13 | Yoga Photo 14 | Yoga Photo 15 | Yoga Photo 16Yoga Photo 17 | Yoga Photo 18 | Yoga Photo 19 | Yoga Photo 20 | Yoga Photo 21 | Yoga Photo 22  | Yoga Photo 23  | Yoga Photo 24  | Yoga Photo 25 


Editor's Note: Originally published January 17, 2018, updated January 01 2021.


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Please Support my Mom's Emergency Fundraiser Grandma Bella's Fundraiser

In the spirit of giving, please support this crowdfunder I set up for my mother.  She is elderly and has a hard time getting around her house.  I have been working on making it more easy for her to navigate through out her home.  However, my energy has now been focused on her roof and walls.  There is an area of roofing and wall collapsing.  They are in need of repair.

I was looking to build a new roof.  However, I found a different solutions for fixing the roof that will cost less.  So, I am excited about that!

Please take a look at the fundraiser below.  I am truly grateful for any help you can give.  Any amount is truly appreciated.   :-)

]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) Wed, 06 Dec 2017 18:29:17 GMT
Denver Fitness Photographer Fitness photography is my passion

I find so much joy in working with athletes to capture their strong and chiseled physiques.  Photographing the various stages in their active lifestyle such as CrossFitBodybuilding, Aerial Dancing and Yoga.  Seeing these strong people stick to their guns and follow through is inspiring!  

Why are you so passionate about fitness photography?

People ask me why I focus on fitness photography.  Well, I almost feel that it is built-in.  Or it could be the love I have for the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.  I have always found the mechanics of the human body to be amazing.  There is the obvious beautiful aesthetics of toned and defined muscles.  However, through my eyes, I see steam, pistons, cogs and wheels moving and making things happen.

As an athlete, I am naturally drawn to this as well.  I connect well with the fit people I photograph.  We are on the same wavelength.  This makes for an easy going and fun photo shoot!

Ready for your fitness photo shoot?

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I would love to photograph your strong and beautiful work!  Book a photo shoot with me if you do yoga, crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness modeling, physique and anything that moves your body in your active lifestyle.  Heck!  I will capture amazing fitness lifestyle shots of you running down a mountain trail or out on the track field.

Own a Crossfit gym?

I am happily available for all your Crossfit box photography needs!  Great for your social media, web and print material!

Let's do this!

Let's elevate your presence and inspire with images that have a passionate and powerful impact!  Inspire people with your strength and passion!


Book a Session


Denver Fitness photography of crossfit & olympic weightlifter athlete | Crossfit GoldenClean & jerk | Fitness Photography of Crossfit Golden AthletesDenver USA Weightlifting competitor packs a lot of punch on the clean & jerk. Crossfit Golden has top notch crossfit and weightlifting competitors. Clean & Jerk Setup at Crossfit Golden | Denver Fitness PhotographersClean & Jerk Setup | Denver Fitness PhotographySetting up for the most important pull is an ethereal experience. Olympic lifting with a creative flair! Lifting done right at Crossfit Golden! Jump Ropes and a lil' Denver Fitness PhotographyJump Ropes and a lil' Denver Fitness PhotographyGive Myk the ropes and he gets jumping! Love the direction & spontaneity at this professional fitness photography shoot. Denver Fitness Photography Shoot with Jessica David Beal & Myk | Denver Fitness PhotographersDenver Fitness Shoot with Jessica & Myk | Denver Fitness PhotographyDenver fitness photography of Jessica David Beal & Myk of One Two Punch Fitness. This is from a fitness shoot for their upcoming community boot camps. Denver Fitness Photographer capturing glamorous Colorado fitness model Rachel Pressler in sexy red lingerie & herbiceps | Denver Outdoor Boudoir | gocrazyrachelColorado Fitness Girl | Sexy Glamour Shoot | Denver BoudoirBook a fitness photo shoot just like the glamorous & fit Rachel Pressler. Showing her right to bear arms in such an elegant way at this sexy fitness photography shoot. Sexy Fitness Photography of Fitness Model Rachel Pressler on top of Green Mountain | gocrazyrachelSexy Fitness Photography shoot on Green Mountain | Fitness ModelThe strong & elegant lines of NPC physique competitor Rachel Pressler! Had fun with this fitness fashion shoot in Denver. She's an amazing fitness model! Elegant and strong Colorado fitness model Rachel Pressler | Denver Fitness Photographer | gocrazyrachelDenver Fitness Photography of Colorado Fitness ModelNPC physique competitor Rachel Pressler displaying her hard bodybuilding work. Capturing amazing people doing amazing things through my fitness photography! Fitness Model Rachel Pressler Flexing Her Quads | Sexy Fitness Photography | GoCrazyRachelQuads of a Fitness Model | Sexy Fitness PhotographyOutdoor fitness photo shoot of sexy female bodybuilder & NPC physique competitor Rachel Pressler. Flexing those quads! Outdoor boudoir fitness photoshoot of sexy blonde Colorado fitness model Rachel 'gocrazyrachel' Pressler in sexy red lingerie | Denver Fitness PhotographerOutdoor Boudoir Fitness Photoshoot | Denver Fitness PhotographyFitness model Rachel Pressler rocking a deep red bikini at her outdoor boudoir fitness photo shoot in the pristine mountains of Colorado. Denver fitness photographer creating sexy outdoor boudoir photography of Colorado female bodybuilder Rachel Pressler | gocrazyrachelStrong Fitness Woman | Glamour Fitness PhotographerCaught in the elegant curves of Colorado fitness model Rachel Pressler in her sexy black lingerie. Outdoor Denver fitness shoot with boudoir style.

Top 10 Fitness Photos

These are my top choices from my favorite client shoots.

Top Fitness Pic 1 | Top Fitness Pic 2 | Top Fitness Pic 3 | Top Fitness Pic 4 | Top Fitness Pic 5 | Top Fitness Pic 6 | Top Fitness Pic 7 | Top Fitness Pic 8 | Top Fitness Pic 9 | Top Fitness Pic 10

]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) Fri, 28 Apr 2017 17:45:00 GMT
Denver Fitness Photography at Crossfit Golden Capturing their movement

I had the opportunity to do a fitness photography photo shoot at Crossfit Golden.  Here are a few athletes that consistently train hard.  These champions are always getting better at what they love.  I love being a Denver Fitness Photographer and can't wait to see their progress in six months, whether it's Crossfit competitions or Olympic Weightlifting.  They are fit, strong and humble.  Their dedication to their sport, mind and body simply amazes me.

As your Denver Fitness Photographer, I will elevate your presence and inspire with images that have a passionate and powerful impact!

Keep your gym's website and social media content fresh with exciting and striking fitness photos.  A great way to keep your gym members engages and attract new members and athletes.

Contact me to book a crossfit photo shoot at your crossfit box or out in the beautiful and striking Colorado landscape!

A few of their crossfit athletes!

Here are a few photos of them that I captured at crossfit competitions.

Athlete 1 | Athlete 2 | Athlete 3 | Athlete 4

Clean & Jerk Setup at Crossfit Golden | Denver Fitness PhotographersClean & Jerk Setup | Denver Fitness PhotographySetting up for the most important pull is an ethereal experience. Olympic lifting with a creative flair! Lifting done right at Crossfit Golden! Denver Fitness photography of crossfit & olympic weightlifter athlete | Crossfit GoldenClean & jerk | Fitness Photography of Crossfit Golden AthletesDenver USA Weightlifting competitor packs a lot of punch on the clean & jerk. Crossfit Golden has top notch crossfit and weightlifting competitors.


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Top 5 Gym Pics

A few of the top gym photos on my site.

Top Gym Pic 1 | Top Gym Pic 2 | Top Gym Pic 3 | Top Gym Pic 4 | Top Gym Pic 5

]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) crossfit girls crossfit men crossfit photographer gym shoot olympic lifting Mon, 06 Feb 2017 04:01:52 GMT
Hunter's Supermoon in Denver As a Denver, Colorado Photographer, it's important that I capture natures beauty.  The Hunter's Supermoon of October 2016 was a beautiful capture!  It was also a great way to test my new ProMaster XC525 tripod.  

The last time I photographed the moon was during a lunar eclipse in the early 1990s on top of Red Rocks Amphitheater.  My parents came along with me for the little adventure.  I'm absolutely thankful for their patience!  Anyway, I found mystic and adventure of the lunar eclipse shoot due to the fact I used film!  I  had no idea what the results were going to look like.  No experience or guidance.  Just went out there and click clicked away!  Let the drums roll.  I took my film to get developed and most of my prints looked like a darn flashlight in the dark.  Fast forward to today...well I did something right this round!

I used a variety of camera settings to capture the six moons shown in the photo.  I'm quite thankful for the age of digital.  Having live view and being able to see your results and adjust accordingly makes me do the happy dance.

Camera Gear:  Nikon D7000 Crop Sensor and a NIkkor 18-200mm lens.  Nicely nestled on my new tripod!

Shutter Speed:  1/20
Aperture:  f/20
ISO:  100
Focal Length:  200mm

Shutter Speed:  1/125
Aperture:  f/11
ISO:  100
Focal Length:  200mm

Hunter's Supermoon in DenverHunter's Supermoon in DenverAs a Denver, Colorado Photographer, it's important that I capture natures beauty. The Hunter's Supermoon was a beautiful capture!


]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) hunter's superman night time photography supermoon Fri, 28 Oct 2016 04:18:11 GMT
Amazing Outdoor Yoga Class on the Rooftop | Sound Off Yoga Yoga classes on the rooftop!

I provided professional event photography services for an extraordinary outdoor yoga event in Downtown Denver.  The Denver outdoor yoga class was hosted by Airbnb and the event experience provided by WHISK.  All the fun was held in the warm open air on the rooftop at the Galvanize building right off the vibrant and lush Platte River.

Today, I recollect all the warm smiles and the inspiring people that participated.  Sound Off Experience provided the tranquil and boundless music!  Audra Robinson of Inspired Wellness made her rounds with delightful samples of doTERRA essential oils.  She also went around sharing her yoga pose expertise.  The Denver city skyline offered a breathtaking and colorful backdrop.  I saw people leave with super happy memories and gargantuan smiles!  I'm glad I was given the opportunity to work this extraordinary Airbnb outdoor yoga event and provide the memorable yoga photography.

More Sound Off Yoga fun!

Can't wait to do another fun outdoor Sound Off Yoga event like this again!  Be sure to look them up for Silent Yoga classes and events on the rooftop, local parks, Red Rocks and just about anywhere you can make shapes.

Hire me as your event photographer for vibrant memories!

As your Denver Event, Yoga & Fitness Photographer, I will elevate your presence and inspire with images that have a passionate and powerful impact!

Contact me to capture the amazing stories and memorable laughter at your yoga event.

Don't forget that I do one-on-one yoga portraits and branding as well.  Let's book a yoga photo shoot or branding shoot at your favorite yoga studio or out in the beautiful Colorado landscape!  Get some fresh content for your blog, website and social media!  Inspire the world with your passion!

Be sure to look at all the Airbnb Yoga Event Photos.  Enjoy!

Denver outdoor rooftop yoga photography of yoga women & men | Sound Off YogaDenver Outdoor Silent Yoga Event | Rooftop Yoga at GalvanizeAirbnb and WHISK hosted an amazing Sound Off Yoga event. It was held outdoors in Downtown Denver at Galvanize Platte out on the rooftop!

Image from WHISK Event & Experience Production.  Do visit their site.  :-)

A few of my favorite event photos

Two handfuls of my favorite images from this event.

Event Photo 1 | Event Photo 2 | Event Photo 3 | Event Photo 4 | Event Photo 5 | Event Photo 6Event Photo 7Event Photo 8Event Photo 9Event Photo 10


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]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) event photographer event photography rooftop yoga yoga girls yoga photography Fri, 16 Sep 2016 19:51:30 GMT
Not so senior, senior pictures A few years ago during our art-walk my son said, "Hey Dad! Look! Senior Pictures!" So I took the picture. Few years later. History repeats itself. Now he is six bricks tall and still not a senior.  This will be a new tradition where we take "senior pictures" at this spot.  Not sure if I want his real senior pictures to come anytime soon.  Kids grow so fast!  Which is a great reason to have annual family photos of your kiddos done.

I think capturing your kiddos in the same spot as they grow up is a great investment and a wonderful gift for your family.  I can picture a series of these family portraits on your hallway console table or on top of the fireplace mantel.

We are fortunate to live in an awesome state.  So many places to take your family or children's photos.  Let's set up a session at your favorite spot in Colorado.  We can capture some amazing memories!

Don't forget seasonal photos as well.  We have such an amazing and golden fall season, beautiful summers, colorful springs and fantastic winters!

Let's get that senior portrait or family photo session booked.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and to check if I am running any specials too!  :-)


Denver Senior PicturesNot really a High School SeniorA few years ago during our art-walk my son said, "Hey Dad! Look! Senior Pictures!" So I took the picture. Few years later. History repeats itself. Now he is six bricks tall and still not a senior.


]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) family portraits high school senior pictures senior portraits Mon, 08 Aug 2016 16:42:58 GMT
New, affordable and lightweight tripod in my life! New tripod in my life

I've replaced my heavy and battle worn tripod.  It has two and a half decades of history on it.  Anyway, time for a tripod that will not put a strain on me as I strap it to my camera bag and sling it around.

I picked up a ProMaster XC525 tripod at Mike's Camera after reading reviews and watching videos on it.  The price, weight and functionality is a great combo!  I have not mounted my camera on it yet.  However, I am digging the included ball head and built in monopod.

I am looking forward to shooting long exposure scenes in the city and doing some creative light effects with my crossfit and fitness photography.  Light trails and light painting are in the books too!

Update on the tripod will be in my blog and Facebook: Tony Ciccone Photography.

Enjoy the week!

Red ProMaster XC525 camera tripod-Real World ReviewProMaster XC525Yay! New tripod.


Summer 2016 - I have not used the tripod as anticipated.  However, I was able to capture the beautiful southwest starry night sky in Taos, NM.  The tripod is stable for being a lightweight product.  I zoomed into the stars with my Nikon 18-200 lens and did not see any jitters.

Next up, I will take it on a hike with me hooked onto my camera backpack.  Stay tuned folks!

Fall 2016 - This tripod work very well when I took photos of the Hunter's Supermoon.  Check out the photos and the settings I used. 

Tripod shots

Here are a few long exposure & stationary shots from the tripod.  Been wanting to do long exposure shots of water.

Long Exposure Shot 1 | Long Exposure Shot 2 | Long Exposure Shot 3

]]> (Denver Fitness Photographer) promaster xc525 review tripod for long exposure photography Mon, 11 Apr 2016 16:35:34 GMT